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Vaughn College Hosts CAP Cadets

Vaughn College Hosts CAP Cadets 

Queens, New York - The New York Wing of the Civil Air Patrol announced this week that  the National Aviation & Aeronautics Business Academy has been brought to the East Coast for the first time in the  Academy’s history. Participants will report to the Academy hosted by Vaughn College of Aeronautics & Technology  in Queens on Saturday 05 August 2023 for 7-days of intense focus on careers in the aerospace industry. 

The main emphasis of the Civil Air Patrol Aviation & Aeronautics Business Academy is to give the teenage cadets  an opportunity to interact with and study leaders in the aviation and aeronautics industry. All cadets will learn  about national and international aviation and aeronautics career pathways while they interact with academic and  corporate elements of the disciplines. 

The mission of the Academy is to provide exposure to aviation and aeronautics concepts, participants will learn  about current research and emerging science developments and learn through team project management. The  Academy will provide opportunities to collaborate with local and virtual aviation and aeronautics businesses. 

This event has moved from Oregon to Vaughn College in Queens NY! The relationship between CAP and Vaughn is  an emerging and groundbreaking aviation and aeronautics career pathway partnership opportunity. By sharing  staff and resources to enhance the experiences and opportunities for both organizations. 


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